Planning To Visit Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is a diverse state in that it has large cities such as Boston and Cambridge, and smaller towns including Lexington and Concord. If you are looking for a trip back in time, but you still want all the modern conveniences you are used to, then you should plan a vacation to Massachusetts. You can stay in hotels, inns, bed and breakfast establishments, or rent a room. There is so much to see and do that you will have to pick and choose what you want to see. If you want to visit museums, then you should go to Boston. Filled with large and small museums, you will never be bored. Many museums have special exhibits that you won’t see anywhere else. Boston also has many bridges that cross the Charles River. These bridges are beautiful and range in size. Bridges keep Boston connected to the rest of the state. With an international airport, you can get to Boston very easily. Boston and Cambridge are home to many universities include Harvard, Smith, and MIT. These schools are located in buildings that have remarkable architecture. You should definitely visit some of the universities in Boston to see the buildings and well they have been preserved. Once you have visited some of the larger cities in Massachusetts, you should take a long drive and see all of the smaller towns that surround them. These towns have historic landmarks from the revolutionary war. You will be able to visit battle grounds, old pubs, homes, and barns that played a significant role in the war and in the day to day life of those who lived there. You will see covered bridges, foot bridges, and many other attractions that give you a glimpse of how things used to be. Driving through small towns in Massachusetts especially during the fall is one of the best times to visit. The leaves are changing colors and the scenery is remarkable. Massachusetts has a lot to offer those who enjoy being outdoors, those who enjoy learning more about history, and those who enjoy the nightlife in the city. There are small shops, restaurants, and other places that you can visit. If you want to see the ocean, you can drive to Cape Cod. There, you will find small homes, towns, and roads that lead to the ocean. You will be able to eat delicious seafood and listen to the ocean as it hits the rocks. For those who are unsure about what they want to see and do while on vacation, visiting Massachusetts is a great vacation destination. You will not have to drive far to see the ocean, visit small towns or large cities, or watch the leaves fall during the wintertime.

Benefits of Murals Massachusetts

Murals in Massachusetts are an instant eye catcher. These add depth and dimension to any room, transforming it into a much spectacular view. The best thing about murals is that they are great for larger surfaces and small rooms. They can also dramatically change the visual aspect and design of any space. Today, wall murals are utilized for advertising as well. Some businesses use the empty spaces to promote their products and brand. If there are empty walls outside your office, you could consider trompe l oeil murals, which can modify any difficult and dull space into something more inviting. Aside from that, businesses could also use walls with murals in MA to promote their brand, events, and other advertising campaigns. Contrary to what people believe in, murals in Boston aren’t expensive as they can help in improving the appearance of any space at an affordable rate. You can also customize the space in accordance to the theme of your office or home. Some of the perks of murals are the following: Captures Attention Murals can attract attention. A lot of businesses use murals as an amazing landmark to catch the attention of their targeted audience. Murals are becoming popular these days because of their ability in capturing attention and make any business easily identifiable. The picture is a thousand words and conveys the attitudes and beliefs of the company. So, if you want to capture the attention of your potential customers, consider murals. Artistic Merit Another benefit of having murals on your wall in your house or business is to get a genuine and original piece of art. No murals are the same and every mural is hand painted to achieve authentic feeling. Having this kind of art in your business or home can be very appealing for everyone, especially if you are just starting in today’s industry. Provides Your Business a Whole New and Unique Look One of the great things about murals is that this provides your business a unique look. Since all murals are made in accordance to your requirements, you can be assured that you will get murals that are made specially for you. Murals can also let you create an atmosphere that would best suit on your personality, budget, and décor. Murals may also help you inject personality into an uninspiring or tired room. You can also make more intricate design schemes through the use of the proper wall mural. Changing the feel and look of a room can be accomplished easily with unique murals in Massachusetts. So, if you want to reap all the benefits offered by murals, it is now a great time to look for a mural painting contractor in MA who can quickly establish energy levels and style in the room. There are many painting contractors you can rely on in today’s market. You can search over the internet or offline. If you don’t want to get the best value of what you have spent, settle for the one with a good reputation and known for its reliability.

Get the finest Merchant Marine T-shirts now

Being stylish all the times is the demand of the modern age. People always like to stay in shape and for that they make sure of doing regular exercise and taking in balanced food throughout the day. There are lot of advantages of being a person with great body and a fine sense of style and latest trends. This feature in any individual offers him with the added mileage of staying ahead of others when it comes to any social gathering. We all love to be in the company of those who possesses string personality and fashion taste. This is the reason that modern day man makes sure of sporting the right dresses on particular occasions where they know that every eye is going to be a judge. There are many other things that can be done along with being stylish; one prime among the list is off course taking care of your overall personality. People often listen to a person having sharp personality rather than an individual who wears dull dresses. In the industry of clothing a great new revolution is visible with the entry of Merchant Marine t-shirts. The idea behind the creation of such type of unique apparel and accessories was to remember our countries Mariners who have with their whole heart served the nation’s Marine, Coast Guard, and Navy. By sporting these people could memorize the great contributions of our soldiers and also add to their patriotic feeling.

There is a genuine portal making the selling of such kind of apparel. To get the most authentic products you need to buy from that store only. Only they have with them the best collection of Merchant Marine t-shirts to choose from. A person wearing them pays tribute to the brave marines. They also feel much more close to the nation while wearing them. A lot of variety of garments can be found in the store like sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets and tank tops. Any man of any age or style choice can have their own kind in this vast array of collection. We all know that STCW is a prestigious part of IMO. If you want to gift some old lady in your neighborhood who is the grieving mother of some marine than the best way of doing that is o gift her some fine t-shirts engraved with the quotes of patriotism. By doing so you convey her respect that you have for her bereaved son and make her have a peaceful smile at the end of the episode.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy which is better known as mass maritime is very much popular among common masses. People of any part of the nation know that this is the name when it comes to anything related to maritime. Thus, it is very much essential to keep this elite authority in the mind while paying our tribute. The nation always feels great to have some patriotic souls and it becomes great if that can be done in style by wearing some fine apparels.

Elegant Diamond Bracelets in Swansea, MA

There is nothing quite like the feeling of wearing an elegant diamond bracelet. Feeling the cool, precious metal lightly on your wrist; seeing the sparkle of diamonds out of the corner of your eye. It’s romantic, feminine, and classy. Whether you are going out to dinner with a loved one, or spending the evening with your girlfriends, a diamond bracelet can be the perfect accessory. A custom diamond bracelet also makes a wonderful gift for that special lady in your life. Perfect for a birthday or anniversary, it’s a classic gift that never goes out of style. At Plante Jewelers in Swansea, MA, we have a dazzling collection of diamond bracelets.

You may be most familiar with the tennis bracelet, which is a thin strand of white or yellow gold with diamonds of the same size assembled in a single line. They were originally called diamond line bracelets; however, the name changed in 1987 when Chris Evert’s bracelet broke and scattered diamonds on the court during the U.S. Open tennis tournament.

Although they are a classic choice, there are many other elegant diamond bracelets, designed to fit any personality or occasion. Plante Jewelers specializes in creating custom-designed jewelry with the specific desires of the customer in mind. A visit to our showroom in Swansea will give you the opportunity to see our custom diamond bracelets or work with a designer to create one that suits your unique style.

A popular trend in jewelry is the charm bracelet. A charm bracelet can be casual or dressy, composed of metal links with charms of various objects dangling from each link. Yellow gold charm bracelets often have a vintage style, featuring detailed, sometimes moveable charms.A silver charm bracelet can be a fun and affordable gift. This Colorful Sea Life Charm Bracelet in sterling silver is playful and attractive with sea creatures in bright french enamel, 2 freshwater pearls, and 3 small diamonds.

Designer creates artistic diamond bracelets in Swansea

Bangle bracelets are another lovely choice. In this type of bracelet the metal is solid, so that it may “bangle” gracefully around the wrist. One of the designers at Plante Jewelers, Tom Kruskal, is brilliant when it comes to creating handmade diamond bracelets and bracelets featuring other gems. Tom has a background in mathematics, design, and music. He truly brings the beauty of music and nature to life with his hand-forged jewelry. In this Silver “Curl” Bangle with Black Freshwater Pearl, he allows the fluid, changing form of the ocean to be revealed in the delicate silver with the black freshwater pearl as the center point. Another unique piece is the Diamond Wavy Handmade Bracelet. This elegant design is made of 14K yellow gold with three round brilliant-cut diamonds in the center, bringing the delicate lines together. It almost resembles the outline of a bass clef note, exhibiting Tom’s love of music.
Author’s Bio:

Pierre and Nancy Plante are owners of family-owned Plante Jewelers in Swansea, Massachusetts. The company was founded by Pierre’s grandfather in 1905. The Plantes specialize in custom and designer jewelry. Both Pierre and Nancy have BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degrees. Pierre’s focus was sculpture, and he had studied jewelry fabrication, casting, gemstone setting and gemology. The company creates custom designs with the help of an advanced computer-aided-design system, that shows the customer exactly what their custom piece will look like before it’s even made. The Plantes believe that jewelry is more than metal and gems; it is the expression of love and remembrance, something to be cherished by the wearer for many years. They are known for their ability to listen carefully, guide, and respond to the unique desires of a person who wants to surprise a loved one with a special gift – or buy something for themselves that will mark a special occasion. Continuing in the family tradition, their son Marcel now works with them at their store.

Alice Solomon BA, Wellesley College

Alice Solomon re-entered the working world after her graduation from Wellesley College cum laude at the age of fifty. She held the titles of Mrs. Massachusetts and Mrs. U.S. Savings Bonds for Massachusetts, and her family was selected the Massachusetts All-American Family
As a high fashion runway model and lecturer with the Hart Modeling Agency, Boston, MA, Alice appeared often on radio and television, along with conducting fashion seminars in and around the Boston area.
Alice became a syndicated newspaper columnist, writing “A Guide for Gorgeous Grandmas” for the MetroWest Daily News, in Framingham, MA and other newspapers in Massachusetts and Florida with a readership of over 150,000. She hosted twice-weekly radio shows on WXKS-FM in Wellesley, Massachusetts, interviewing guests in the academic, media and fashion scene, and she was heard in Palm Beach County, Florida, on radio station WPBI-AM as co-host of the daily show,“Upbeat Senior Magazine on the Air.”
In 2001, Alice completed her first book, Love, Sex, and the Single Gorgeous Grandma: Reflections on Being Single Over 50. Her second book, Find the Love of Your Life After Fifty! was published in 2004.. Her magazine articles have been featured in Upbeat Senior, Aging With Style, Delray Beach, Las Olas, and Boca Observer magazines, her online articles are featured on Yahoo Personals and her website,, received the “Golden Web Award 2002-2003.”
Alice’s television conversations includes: a talk with the Today Show; an appearance on Retirement Living’s The Voice; and, appearances on over 75 television news feeds throughout the country. Her “modern, yet timeless advice” has been quoted in The New York Times, Time magazine, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Tampa Tribune, the Milwaukee Journal, and countless other newspapers nationwide. Other media appearances include the Voice of America from Washington, DC, the USA Radio Network with 200 stations nationwide, and numerous National Public Radio affiliates. She was honored to be Visiting Faculty Lecturer at Nova Southeastern University’s Institute for Learning in Retirement.
Gorgeous Grandma Communications, Alice’s speaking and advisory service, was selected by the Small Business Development Center at Florida Atlantic University as a “Potential Business Success.” Alice is a member of the Florida Speakers Association and she speaks before numerous clubs and organizations.
Alice lives in Delray Beach, FL, and she is the proud grandmother of five gorgeous (of course) grandchildren.

Lois DeWitt BFA, MFA

I hold a BFA degree from the Minneapolis College of
Art and Design and an MFA degree from Pratt Institute, NY where I attended on a
full-tuition grant for graduate study. I was an art instructor at Orange County
Community College in Middletown, NY and at the Brooklyn Friends School. I created and directed a rural ceramic
workshop in upstate NY and taught wheel thrown and hand built ceramics to
children and adults. After moving to
Florida, I taught at the Miami Art Center and then became Supervisor of the
North Miami Branch of the Metropolitan Museum.

to Boston, I worked as secretary to the Director of the Smithsonian Archives of
American Art and during that time launched Kidquilts and Capability, two
enterprises creating colorful hand painted quilts for children and hand-sewn
woolen capes that were sold in several Boston boutiques.

In western Massachusetts, I worked with a
fashion designer for an apparel firm and produced line lists and fashion
graphics on a CAD system. I renovated my old barn into a beautiful studio in
Falls Village, CT and taught private classes in ceramics, painting, drawing and
printmaking. For nine years I
coordinated with the Sharon, CT Teen Center to produce the Sharon On The Green
Arts and Crafts Fair, a thirty-year old annual event featuring over 150 juried
artists and artisans.

my two-year residency in Sarasota, FL, I wrote a cookbook for toaster ovens,
entitled “Pop It In The Toaster Oven.”
It is available on Amazon and most bookstores. Returning to Western Massachusetts, I began working in a lighting
showroom–a position I thought would be temporary, but it turned into a
position I held for four years, during which time I became a certified Lighting
Specialist and a lighting consultant for clients.

I now live in Wilmington, NC and work
part time in Lighting/Electrical at the Myrtle Grove Home Depot.

I exhibit my work at Lauren Clark
Fine Art in western Massachusetts and Le Soleil in Carolina Beach, NC. Last year I completed a series of oil
paintings and pastels of the Fort Fisher Historical area. My paintings and pastels can be seen on my
website, as well as two children’s stories I recently wrote and
illustrated. The website offers free online art classes in oil
painting, acrylic painting, oil pastels, basic drawing, colored pencils,
collage and discovering the artists within, as well as information on art
travel, art tours, artful inspiration and creativity resources. Presently, I am creating a series of videos—in-depth,
step by step, information-rich demonstrations of the various techniques and
skills taught in the free online art classes.